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Hailing from Salt Lake City, UT, MILF & Cookies is not your average rock cover band; we're a musical force forged from passion and love for all things rock. Lead guitarist Bad Kenny G., driven by a lifelong affinity for rock since his punk adolescent days, summoned this group into existence. Our repertoire spans iconic artists like Guns 'n Roses, Danzig, Bon Jovi, Journey, Halestorm, Stevie Nicks, and more, covering the rich tapestry of rock from the 70s to current hits. Our mantra is simple: have a blast and deliver a kick-ass show that makes heads bang and hips sway.

The birth of MILF & Cookies' name is as unconventional as our sound. During a casual gathering, Kris's husband playfully tossed around band name ideas, with MILF & Cookies emerging as the favorite. The name spread like wildfire among friends and, in a surprising twist during our first event, Spanky spontaneously declared, "Thank you! We are...MILF & Cookies!" The unexpected announcement garnered an enthusiastic response, prompting us to embrace the name and adopt cookie alter egos without hesitation. Join us for a musical journey where fun reigns supreme, and the spirit of MILF & Cookies lives on!


Kristin Barlow, Lead Singer

Miss Kris,
Lead Singer

Introducing Kris, the mesmerizing voice at the helm of MILF & Cookies, whose debut performance with the band on January 30th, 2021, was nothing short of spectacular, captivating a sold-out audience. Kris brings a sultry and powerful twist to the metal ballads and rock anthems that define our signature sound. Her voice, deep and resonant, adds a unique dimension to our musical landscape. Kris's passion for singing has deep roots, having performed in choirs and singing groups during her younger years. The fateful discovery of her talent at a karaoke bar led to the band extending an invitation, recognizing the star quality that radiated from her every note. Kris thrives on the energy of the crowd, her dynamic personality shining through as she commands the stage. And on those exceptional nights, a glimpse of her inner Gemini may surface, adding an extra layer of unpredictability and excitement to our performances. With Kris as our lead singer, every note becomes an invitation into the enchanting world of her vocal prowess, making each show an unforgettable experience for our fans.

Bad Kenny G,
"Ginger Snap"
Lead guitarist

Meet Ken, the mastermind behind our musical journey, steering the ship as our lead guitarist and band manager. Ken's musical odyssey began at a young age when he joined his parent's band as a drummer at the age of 15. However, his passion for music only deepened over the years, leading him to expand his talents to include both bass and lead guitars. A seasoned musician who has woven his melodic threads through the tapestry of multiple bands, Ken is the epitome of musical versatility. Affectionately known as Ginger Snap, a nod to the slight red tint in his hair, Ken's enigmatic presence and talents have given rise to playful rumors that he may have made a supernatural pact to achieve his freakish level of skill. Whether it's the face-melting solos on the lead guitar or his melodic harmonies accenting the lead vocals, Ken's musical prowess is nothing short of astounding, leaving audiences in awe and amazement. As the driving force behind our sound and the orchestrator of sonic brilliance, Ken ensures that every performance is a captivating journey through the realms of musical excellence.

Ken Grace, Lead guitarist
Brandon Frampton, Bass guitarist

Brandon/Spanky Frampton,
"Thin Mint"
Bass guitarist

Enter the sonic realm of our seasoned bass maestro, the one and only Brandon, affectionately known as Spanky. With over two decades of wielding the bass guitar in various bands, Brandon is not just a musician; he's a rhythmic virtuoso whose experience resonates in every note. When he locks into the groove, an electric energy courses through the entire band, igniting a musical fire that is felt by all. His bass lines are the secret sauce, seamlessly connecting the harmonies and rhythms, providing the foundation upon which our sound is built. Despite his "thin mint" stature, Brandon possesses a colossal stage presence that commands attention. A master at orchestrating the crowd, he intuitively knows how to turn a performance into a pulsating, unforgettable experience, ensuring that every listener is not just an observer but an active participant in the joyous celebration of music. Spanky's bass magic is the heartbeat of our collective sound, an indispensable force that propels us forward and leaves an indelible mark on every musical journey we embark upon.

Kevin Porter,
"Samoa Cookie"
Rhythm guitarist

Meet our phenomenal rhythm guitarist, Kevin Porter, the heartbeat of our band, who effortlessly transcends the boundaries between rhythm and lead, showcasing versatility that leaves audiences in awe. With his fingers dancing on the strings, he weaves intricate melodies as the backbone of our sound, occasionally stepping into the limelight with mesmerizing lead guitar solos. Beyond his instrumental prowess, he adds layers of harmony with his soulful backup vocals, elevating our performances to new heights. Sporting long, charismatic dreadlocks that mirror the fluidity of his music, his infectious smile and animated headbanging bring an energy to the stage, ensuring that every performance is not just a concert but an unforgettable experience filled with excitement and musical magic. In every note and every nuance, our rhythm guitarist embodies the epitome of cool, making him an indispensable force in our musical journey.

Kevin Porter, Rhythm guitarist
Toby Middlebrook, Drummer

Toby Middlebrook,
"Cookie Monster"

Meet Toby, our rhythmic powerhouse and percussive virtuoso who has been crafting beats since the tender age of 5. A maestro behind the drum kit, Toby possesses an innate ability to rock the house with an unparalleled intensity and power. When he takes his place among the drums, he unleashes a torrent of energy that elevates our songs to new heights. Toby's dynamic drumming style is characterized by an unapologetic commitment to playing hard and loud, often incorporating the double bass to drive the pulse of the music with relentless vigor. His drumming isn't just a performance; it's a spectacle enriched by his expressive facial expressions, making every beat an enthralling visual and auditory experience. Affectionately dubbed the "cookie monster" for his monstrous talent on the drums, Toby is not just a drummer; he's the heartbeat that propels our sound forward, leaving audiences mesmerized and craving more.