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MILF & Cookies is a rock cover band based in Salt Lake City, UT. The group was formed, assembled, hewn from stone, summoned, brought forth, conjured if you will by lead guitarist, Bad Kenny G. who has had a passion and love for all music, especially rock music, since he was a punk adolesent. Songs by the group include covers of Guns 'n Roses, Danzig, Bon Jovi, Journey, Halestorm, Stevie Nicks, and many other artists from the 70's, 80's, 90's, up to current releases. The band's mantra is to just have fun and give a kick-ass show that will get the people banging their heads and shaking their hips.

MILF & Cookies got it's name during the band's first event among friends. Kris's husband was spitballing possible names for the band, with MILF & Cookies being the favorite among the small group. Word spread around through the guests and it somehow made it back to a couple of the band members. After the 3rd song, without warning, Spanky announces, "Thank you! We are...MILF & Cookies"! This caught the band off-guard as we had not heard the name or discussed it, but it seemed to get a great response. There was little need for discussion and we quickly adopted the name and chose cookie alter egos.


Kristin Barlow, Lead Singer

Miss Kris,
Lead Singer

Kris's debut performance with the band was to a sold out show on January 30th, 2021. Her deep, yet powerful, voice brings a sultry twist to the metal balads and rock anthems that MILF & Cookies is notable for. The energy from the crowd really brings out her dynamic personality and if it is a great night, you just may witness her inner Gemini show itself.

Bad Kenny G,
"Ginger Snap"
Lead guitarist

Ken leads the band as the lead guitarist and manager. He began playing drums in his parent's band at 15 years old. His love for music never ended and he expanded his musical talents to include the bass and lead guitars. He has played in multiple bands for most of his life. We call him Ginger Snap due to the slight red tint in his hair and he may or may not have sold his soul to the devil to become so freakishly talented.

Ken Grace, Lead guitarist
Brandon Frampton, Bass guitarist

Brandon/Spanky Frampton,
"Thin Mint"
Bass guitarist

Brandon has played the bass guitar in multiple bands for over 20 years. When he gets in the groove, we all feel the energy. His playing completes our overall sound by adding depth and linking the harmony and rhythm. Although he is a "thin mint", he has a giant stage presence and really knows how to get the crowd moving and having a great time.

Matt Cameron,
"No Bake"
Rhythm guitarist

Matt is so musically versatile. He was originally MILF & Cookie's drummer, but now plays rhythm guitar, lends back-up vocals, and will even rock a couple songs as lead vocalist. He is well-traveled and very social. We sometimes like to razz him on stage, but don't worry; despite his simple, munchie-friendly name, he enjoys the occasional roast (bake?) with the other cookies and can dish out the razzing just as well as he takes it.

Matt Cameron, Rhythm guitarist
Toby Middlebrook, Drummer

Toby Middlebrook,
"Cookie Monster"

Toby has been playing drums since he was 5 years old and really knows how to rock the house. He brings personality to our songs with his intensisty and power. When he is sitting in front of a drum kit, he just can't help but play hard and loud and is frighteningly good! He is a monster on the drums, or "cookie monster".